We work with our partners to help them change the world for the better.

The first step of our work with you is listening, and learning what you know about what you need. We collaborate with you to help you to draw out and understand the different strengths and challenges of the situation you’re working in, and then keep working together to facilitate group learning and ideation of solutions. Then, together, we test our ideas, and keep testing and improving them to make sure they’re ready for everyone to use.

Case Study:

Chatbot for Civic Engagement

We partnered with Pact to design, test, and built a prototype chatbot to help Cambodians engage with their local government.

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Case Study:

How can learning work better?

We partnered with World Vision to test their latest youth curriculum and worked directly with users to help them identify the changes that were needed.

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Case Study:

Good food is better food.

We helped Johanniter to move quickly, designing quantitative rapid research that would show them what was needed and where, and to make a plan for long-term impact.

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