Good food is better food.

Client: Johanniter International Assistance/BMZ

Johanniter are working with community organizations in Cambodia to help the poorest communities get better access to nutrition and enjoy longer, healthier lives. We helped them to move quickly, designing quantitative rapid research that would show them what was needed and where, and to make a plan for long-term impact.

What we provided

Good nutrition habits are hard to hold to when resources are scarce, and bad nutrition has an impact that can last for a whole lifetime. To help Johanniter work out what needed to change in their target communities, we provided:

Survey Design
Data Analysis
Tool Creation
Capacity Building

Using the Growth Framework for better nutrition:


We needed to design an effective survey on a short timeframe. Gathering data and engaging stakeholders and staff allowed us to identify key data that was needed for Johanniter to design an effective intervention, and key processes with which our tools would need to be integrated.


We worked alongside partner staff to design a survey that was light enough to be rapid, but solid enough to give clear conclusions for project design. The survey and analysis needed to be both fast and accurate, and lead to clear conclusions, as well as tools for ongoing project management and design.


Throughout the process, we knew that conclusions need to be owned by the people who will implement them. We needed to make sure that, after our work, staff took away skills that they could apply to the rest of their work, and we worked with partner organization staff to make sure they were empowered to carry on doing great work.